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Sussex Lime Restorations

Your Trusted Plaster Contracting Firm

We provide leading contracting services for whatever you may need. We pride ourselves on top quality service and customer satisfaction. Our clients belong to a wide range of industries, so we have a lot of experience in a diverse set of projects. We offer complete flexibility in any project and want your dreams to become a reality. Reach out to us with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you!

Our Commitment
Connoisseurs in Lime Plastering

We are specialists in the application of ecological, natural and traditional building products and services serving East and West Sussex.   

Combining extensive experience in traditional specialist techniques, we provide our clients with practical advice whilst offering a range of services. 

Conservation & Heritage

In conservation we ensure sympathy with the original construction, ensuring that any building we work on is restored using the correct methods, materials and experience to ensure that buildings are renovated to the historical standard. 

Our Commitment
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Lime Plastering

Lime plaster is a natural product which has been used since the Roman Times.  Traditional lime plaster allows the release of trapped moisture and particles letting the building breath and avoiding trapped damp within the structure.  

It can be applied to existing lime plaster such as lathe and plast or historically lime plastered walls.  The use of general plaster/skimming over original lime plaster will ‘fail’ as modern plaster does not allow the original lime product to breath.  

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Lime and Specialist Rendering Services

Lime Render can be applied directly onto wood fibre board and new block work.  

It can also be applied over existing render as long as it remains is sound, without having to remove the previous surface cover.  The application of Lime Rendering is a 3 x step thin coat system.  This system reduces the weight of products applied and is economical and environmentally friendly. 

We also offer a ‘coloured’ texture rendering system.   

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Wood Fibre Board

Fibre board is a natural environmental product, breathable, highly insulating and soundproofing.  

Fibre board can be used internally on walls and ceilings and externally on block work and timber frames.  It is an excellent environment product that provides a long lasting and ecological alternative to man-made products such as plasterboard and fibre glass installations.  

A lime bonding coat and a lime skim top coat is applied onto the fibre board to provide a secure flat and traditional finish using a 2 x step system.  

Jane M

External Lime Rendering



"I initially asked Sussex Lime Restorations to undertake some internal plastering in my Edwardian property.  Other plastering companies had offered standard plaster and it wasn’t until I learnt about the original plaster being lathe and plast that I realised that my house needed to be refurbished in authentic materials containing lime.  A couple of rooms had already been plastered by others in standard materials and were starting to show signs of cracks.

As the outside of my property was in a terrible state, I asked them to quote for the external lime plaster render.  It’s a slow process as it has a 3 layer system so not for those in a great hurry and just want a patch up job;  but I have no regrets in restoring my house to its former glory.  Patrick and James did a wonderful job and at a competitive price.  I know that their work will stand the test of time."

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Our Services
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